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3D Visions
I have been creating 3D visions for my client’s since 2001 maintaining a practice of providing 3D products that engage all the senses. I've had the pleasure of assisting in the promotion of many extremely talented inventors.

I graduated from the Hendrix Institute on Long Island, NY, in 2001, mastering my expertise in Graphics Communications which included Lightwave 3D, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator. I then furthered my education with Robert Burden owner of Inky Dinky Animation Studio in N.Y. 2 year course in Maya.                    

Visual FX John Vilardi  

Worked with:

Sol Negrin - cinematographer for:


Jaws 2

Coming to America



Some Trouble of a Serrious  Nature (Visual fx John Vilardi)

Billy Tucci

William (Billy) Tucci is best know as the creator, writer and artist of the acclaimed comic book Shi. Through Tucci's Crusade Fine Arts Ltd., Shi is published in four languages, has sold over 4 million books and grossed more than 25 million dollars in products.

Produced and Directed: Some Trouble of a Serrious  Nature

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Long island film festival 1ST place