Greg Myracle
John is a tremendous resource. Can’t say enough good about the man’s talent.. also his character, heart, and passion for inventing.

Mark P

Wow! That’s ALL I can say… I have heard wonderful things about John Vilardi before from other well respected inventors on EN… So I tried him out… Dealing with John is very likely one of the single BEST professional experiences that I have ever had. This will be old news to the EN vets, but for everyone else… I highly recommend leveraging John’s talents for your own submissions. Do yourself a favor and get to know John and his work…

Frank White

John provides a beautiful virtual prototype that can ONLY enhance the submission, and may very well make all the difference!

Betsy Kaufman
Just want to do a shout out to John Vilardi. I wanted to kick a presentation ‘up a notch’ and take it to another level. John did better than I could have even imagined. John, certainly can’t get your idea picked——-but he sure can give it more than a fighting chance!!!!

Thanks John…..‘checks in the mail!’ :-)

Michael Dufresne
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the recent help John Vilardi has provided me.

I now have the most brilliant sell sheet I have ever seen and will now start the PPA process.
Thanks  John

Karl Reed

I recently had the opportunity to work with John Vilardi (CAD artist) on a submission I was preparing for the Good Housekeeping search. John has a unique ability to “give life” to a rather ordinary object and the results were outstanding! Thanks John!

Judy Knez

John’s expertise in producing 3d professional illustrations/presentations is amazing. He is so nice to work with and the quality of his finished products is exceptional. He has the innate ability to take rudimentary ideas/drawings/photos and transform them into masterpieces

Robert Baschnagel

I Have recently worked with John and he is as good as it gets!!

Gina Y. Ellison
He’s did it again!!! Yep, that’s right. Once again I am most grateful for his skills and expertise. He is my EN family friend, a very important step in my process, whenever I need to shed some light on my ideas. I am so excited I want to tell you what it is!!! Hey Guys, you know the rules. LOL. For the record, if you need to make your idea believable, he is the “Go- to- Guy”. Thanks John! Blessings to you and your family…. Hugs, Gina         

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