Greg Myracle
John is a tremendous resource. Can’t say enough good about the man’s talent.. also his character, heart, and passion for inventing.

Mark P

Wow! That’s ALL I can say… I have heard wonderful things about John Vilardi before from other well respected inventors on EN… So I tried him out… Dealing with John is very likely one of the single BEST professional experiences that I have ever had. This will be old news to the EN vets, but for everyone else… I highly recommend leveraging John’s talents for your own submissions. Do yourself a favor and get to know John and his work…

Frank White

John provides a beautiful virtual prototype that can ONLY enhance the submission, and may very well make all the difference!


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Betsy Kaufman
Just want to do a shout out to John Vilardi. I wanted to kick a presentation ‘up a notch’ and take it to another level. John did better than I could have even imagined. John, certainly can’t get your idea picked——-but he sure can give it more than a fighting chance!!!!

Thanks John…..‘checks in the mail!’ :-)

Michael Dufresne
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the recent help John Vilardi has provided me.

I now have the most brilliant sell sheet I have ever seen and will now start the PPA process.
Thanks  John

Karl Reed

I recently had the opportunity to work with John Vilardi (CAD artist) on a submission I was preparing for the Good Housekeeping search. John has a unique ability to “give life” to a rather ordinary object and the results were outstanding! Thanks John!

Judy Knez

John’s expertise in producing 3d professional illustrations/presentations is amazing. He is so nice to work with and the quality of his finished products is exceptional. He has the innate ability to take rudimentary ideas/drawings/photos and transform them into masterpieces

Robert Baschnagel

I Have recently worked with John and he is as good as it gets!!

Gina Y. Ellison
He’s did it again!!! Yep, that’s right. Once again I am most grateful for his skills and expertise. He is my EN family friend, a very important step in my process, whenever I need to shed some light on my ideas. I am so excited I want to tell you what it is!!! Hey Guys, you know the rules. LOL. For the record, if you need to make your idea believable, he is the “Go- to- Guy”. Thanks John! Blessings to you and your family…. Hugs, Gina   

 Bob Steiner   
I learned about John's work through Edison Nation and his news letter.
I approached John for a virtual prototype and sell sheet design work, and his work exceeds his reputation.
John was able to take some images and rough 3D graphics and transform them into something amazing.  He made some excellent design changes to what I had originally sent him, and the virtual prototype and sell sheet is something that I am proud to use as a way to promote my product. 
By the time I had a finished product, John must have made around a dozen revisions, and the turnaround was fast.
John's pricing was extremely fair.  I will reach out to John for work like this in the future.